Unrequited Love

A Love A Friendship A Choice Uther Pendragon never thought he would fall in love that was until he met the Lady Ingrien. Lady Ingrien is a noble women who is promised in marriage to Garlois. Uther must decide between the love in his heart for the Lady Ingrien or for his friendship for Garlios. … Continue reading

Vampires of Camelot Merlin’s Revenge Part Two

Vampires of Camelot Merlin’s Revenge Part Two

All of Merlin’s attempts have failed him.  He is faced with a dire future ahead. Merlin tries to regain his hope when he sees that Solana did not perish in the battle. Merlin is renewed with vigor and strength when he sees Tarnish on Avalon’s horizon, and is puzzled when Tarnish arrives with Uther Pen … Continue reading

Merlin & Mab’s World

Merlin and Mab”s home world is like no other. The world is called Kodacolot it is in a far away galaxy.  Kodacolot  free flowing pink sea The magi queen’s  forrest The entrance to hellfire  The Fire Swamp Merlin and Mab’s home