Sample Chapters from Camelot’s True Story Part One

Vampires of Camelot Camelot’s True Story Part One.   This is my labor of love and I want to first acknowledge all of the people who made it possible for me to follow my dreams

To my family and friends who inspired me to reach for the stars and far beyond all of my works are indebted to all of you. Thank you for giving me the strength to look beyond the safe and venture into the unknown. In closing know the life you live and never forget to give.

Sample Chapter


Merlin’s World

In a mystic realm in the universe was the planet Kodacolot. This is the world of Merlin the sorcerer. It was a majestic world filled with magi, fairies, witches, golem, vampires, giants, elves, gnomes, and werewolves. The planet itself was a beautiful place that had wondrous valleys and mountains surrounded by a free-flowing pink sea and a sky so luminescent in color it changed all the time. It had a rose-colored sun and purple moons. The land was covered with white grass and blue trees with all kinds of animals from flying horses, dragons, mermaids and sea fairies.

 Merlin’s father was named Ulysses who grew up in Kodacolot and was a warlock. He was the greatest warlock in the land gifted with the talent of foresight and magical powers of fire and water.  Ulyssia was a handsome man with light sandy blond hair and grey blue eyes he was 6’ 5” tall with an exceptional body. Merlin’s mother Althea was a vampire that was also gifted with magical powers over the mind, the ability to levitate, and was also skilled in body transformation to any animal. She was chosen to be with Ulysses by the Magi Queen who was responsible for all the affairs of the heart in Kodacolot. In Kodacolot there was a high archery system, that was how the world functioned in peace with the all of the different species the system was as follows magi, fairies, elves, witches, giants, golem, vampires, gnomes, and werewolves

The magi, fairies, and elves ruled the land, the witches provided the land with seasons and harvests, and the golem, giants, and gnomes worked the land and kept everything running and fruitful. The vampires and werewolves were the land protectors from evil.  There was a high council that made the decisions for the world and they met every three moons to discuss the plans for the world and to maintain peace.

 Ulyssia was asked to meet with the Magi Queen, to discuss his future. Ulyssia was scared to meet with her because he knew she would tell him of his upcoming marriage, and he did not feel he was ready for such a responsibility.  He decided to use his foresight to see his future and of course it did not work. He was then summoned to meet with the Magi Queen.  The Magi Queen lived in the forest of the blue. In the forest  the trees are enchanted and play tricks on any who venture in. Ulyssia was headed into the forest when he was surprised to see the trees moving in all directions: side to side; up and down, backwards,  he could not navigate his way. He became lost among the trees so he summoned the power of water to make the ground muddy to trap the trees from moving so he could safely get to the Magi Queen’s castle.

He made it through the enchanted forest and arrived at the queen’s castle only to be ambushed again this time by the queen’s guard. The Magi Queen’s guard were water beings who held the shape of men. Ulysses was surrounded in less than a minute by these men made of water. He was again baffled at what to do? Ulysses remembered that his father told him of a similar tale that happened to him when he was a boy. Ulyssia father used the power of fire to dismantle the guards. Ulyssia summoned the power of fire. A great fireball appeared in his hand. Ulyssia threw  fireball after  fireball at the water men to defeat the water guard and arrived in the Magi Queen’s castle.

 It was an enormous castle made entirely of rubies and sapphires. The floors were gold and silver and the inside walls were made of glass so you could see through them. Ulyssia went up the hallway of gold and came to the throne room where he met the Magi Queen. The Magi Queen was a beautiful creature with pink sparkling wings. Her hair was long flowing gold. Her eyes were pools of deep green. She was wearing a beautiful strap less gown of white with a silver accent of flowers and shoes made of diamonds that shined brightly.

 Magi Queen addressed Ulyssia right away and told him he was the spitting image of his father. She apologized about the terrible trouble he had in the forest and outside with the guards, but it was her way of testing him to make sure he was ready for his future and his bride. Magi Queen said, “You see Ulyssia, I have to be completely sure that the bride I select for you is worthy of you and that you are worthy of her. That is why you were tested, and in fact your bride is being tested right now. She should be here any moment if she worthy of you if not we will have to test others that are compatible for you”.

 As the Magi Queen talked there appeared a mysterious looking girl who was about 6’ tall with curly raven black hair. Her eyes were red as rubies  with skin as white as the grass. She was a vampire wearing a slim, beautiful gown of blue satin with a white fur collar and a magnificent emerald necklace. She approached the Magi Queen and was furious about the test given to her. She was saying it was impossible to go through such lengths  it was not fair to her . She knew she was a very desirable woman and could hold any man’s heart it was awful of the Magi Queen to put her through this test.

 The Magi Queen looked directly at her and told her to shut up as it was part of the tradition handed down by her ancestors. She should be grateful for the chance to be linked to someone of her equal. Then with humble regrets, Althea apologized profusely for her temper and rage. She looked past the Magi Queen and noticed a tall muscular man with sandy blond hair and the most beautiful blue-grey eyes she had ever seen. He was wearing a nice white linen shirt with black slacks. He was so statuesque and handsome she could not stop staring at him. “Althea this is Ulyssia” and he bowed to her and touched her hand. “Glad to make your acquaintance”  he said.  She blushed a little and said “The pleasure is all mine.” The Magi Queen then told them of their fate and future together. They were surprised to hear the outcome of their lives together. They accepted their fate and were then taken to meet the in-laws and discuss the wedding.

 They decided to have the wedding in the witch’s kingdom where Ulyssia family was from. Althea was so happy to be promised to Ulysses she went to her family with the news and they were ecstatic for her to marry the great Ulyssia. They could not wait for the wedding. Everything was planned to a tee. The wedding was held in the witch’s cathedral in the Magic Meadow. It was decorated in the colors of white for purity and red for passion.  The cheery blossoms in Althea’s hair were breathtaking,  her wedding gown was one that would be talked about for ages. The gown was made of white satin with a crystal overlay that shimmered so that when the sun hit it  you were almost blinded . She was exquisite,  the wedding was spectacular. The merriment continued on into the night.

 Althea and Ulyssia were so very happy now that they were married and on their way home. When all of a sudden from out of nowhere there was a gang of bandits who surrounded their carriage. The leader of the bandits was the dreaded pirate Roberts. He and his gang of bandits were known as Robert’s Rogues and were the most feared pirates in all of Kodacolot. They had robbed, plundered and raped countless times. They continued to do so without fear of death. It was said that Robert’s was unable to die because he was cursed by a witch for stealing her most cherished treasure, the Cat’s Eye of  the divined. Althea being a vampire elevated out of carriage to protect her husband. She summoned her powers of mind manipulation in order to manipulate the dreaded pirate Roberts with her powers of the mind. Althea focused her eyes on Robert’s and began to stare at him to no avail. Althea was hit with a ghastly blow to her ribs. She cried out in pain as the blow made its full impact. She then levitated up above Roberts to his men and focused her powers on them to convince them that Roberts would cheat them and kill them the first chance he got. The bandits attacked the pirate Roberts and were defeated. The pirate Roberts went to attack Althea again, but this time Ulyssia got out of the carriage. He said, “Robert you will stop now or I will be forced to thrash you out of existence”, Robert laughed at Ulyssia. Ulyssia used his power of foresight to see that the pirate Roberts had only one weakness, that was he was greedy.  So Ulyssia cast a spell on Robert to show him a buried treasure of the giants and Althea helped convince him he was his wasting time with them and he left.

 Althea fell to the ground and Ulyssia caught her and whisked her away to their home within the Fire Swamp. The Fire Swamp was a very dangerous place if you did not know the secret passages. It was a dark and dingy place with black waters running though it and great fire geysers that went off at different times. There were all types of animals that lived in the Fire Swamp: the two horn spiders, snakes, and fire swans.

 The house was located at the top of the fireside mountain where only few would ever venture uninvited.  It was a great home for the two of them. The house was made of black onyx bricks with white marble steps in front of it. The main entrance had two massive black iron doors and vaulted windows which were made of hardened blown glass. The house was filled with treasures from each other’s lives before marriage.

 Althea had all the rugs from Aythier. They were very beautifully designed and changed colors to match the mood of the person in the room. She had all the walls painted in wood tones of mahogany, ash, walnut, and cherry which reminded her of her childhood home. Ulyssia had a room that was decorated in  pink and red in order to remind him of his true powers of fire and water.  It helps him to concentrate on his foresight.

 Althea and Ulyssia were so happy together, after being together  for about a year. Then things began to happen. Ulyssia was seeing further into the future than he ever had before. He could even see his own future as well. He was in the library when it happened.  He was concentrating on foretelling the birth of the new king of the fairies when everything went black. He saw from a distance a big gaseous cloud covering the planet of Kodacolot.  Then he saw things on the planet changing.  Horrible things began to happen to  the magi, fairies, werewolves, golem, witches, giants, elves, gnomes and vampires.

 He saw this big light come down from the heavens and set  the world on fire. He saw all the animals started to die and all the plants wither away. He saw the sea begin to rage against the land; the sun exploded everything went into darkness.  He rose from the chair and ran down the stairs to Althea, who was with child. Ulyssia told her of the horrible vision. Althea asked him if he was sure because sometimes under great stress a foresight can be misconstrued. Ulyssia told her he has never made a mistake in all the years he had foresight, everything he saw always came true. Althea said, “You should go to the council and tell them of this vision and see if there is something that can be done.


The Council Meeting

Ulyssia went to the council meeting to meet with the elders of Kodacolot to discuss his vision with them. He was stopped at the high council gate and was asked what business he had there. He told them he needed to speak with the high council about a vision he had concerning the world. He was met by the imperial guard. Who told  him that there was no time to discuss such foolishness. He would have to file a request and come back when it was approved by the committee. Ulyssia was angered by this and told the guard,” I am Ulyssia of the Fire Swamp and, I have come to deliver this news now! I have no time to wait. It is imperative that I speak with the council now!” The Guard refused to listen to him and made him leave.Ulyssia went back to the carriage where Althea was waiting and told her of his problem. She said, “Dear heart leave it with me and I will get you in to see the council.  I will make sure that you are heard today”.

Althea got out of the carriage and went to the gate where she was met by the imperial guard. She studied the guards and looked to see which one would be easy to manipulate in order to gain access to the council. She waited and watched she spotted a young guard who was  new to the job. She approached him and used her powers of persuasion to gain access into the meeting. She then told the guard that he must escort  Ulyssia to the council immediately no matter what the cost and to make sure that he was heard first. The Guard approached the carriage and Ulyssia was taken into the great high council hall.

The hall was circular with all parties were present , and surrounded by the council which consisted of the magi, fairies, elves, witches, giants, gnomes, and golem. Ulyssia was presented to address the council in the center of the great hall. He wasted no time with pleasantries and told the council his vision. He was met with contempt and told that he was not capable to see that far into the future. The council regarded his vision as a mistake. Ulysses pleaded with the council to hear him out and listen to him because it was only a matter of time before this would happen. Ulyssia told them about his foresight and that in all the years he used this gift he was never wrong. He told them that they needed to take steps to leave Kodacolot and to find a new planet.

 The council laughed at him  and called him a lunatic.  They called the guards to escort him out. Ulyssia fought with the guards and told the council to heed his warning, but again they laughed at him. Ulyssia was thrown out of the council hall and told never to return. Ulyssia went back to the carriage and told Althea the news and what the council said.

 She was angry and sad  that the council would take the matter that lightly. Althea consoled her husband and told him,  “If they won’t listen then we must go to the Magi Queen and explain to her to see if  she can help”. Ulyssia agreed and then set forth to the enchanted forest to see the Magi Queen. The Magi Queen was very hospitable if she invited you to the castle but, to come unannounced to the castle was a great risk. She controlled everything in the forest and would think someone was trying to attack her home. She would take full assault on the assailants. Ulyssia knew that and foresaw her planning to attack them so he and Althea went home. They wrote a request to see the Magi Queen and they waited for a reply from her.

 Ulyssia got another vision this time but it was of his future and his unborn children. He saw that there would be born two children one boy and one girl. One would possess great magical skills and strength of the vampire. The other would be evil and be dedicated to black magic and sorcery. They would not live in the world of Kolacolot but in a world called Earth. They would both suffer in the beginning and would come to humble ends one would have eternal life.  The other would die at  100 yrs and be banished to the neither regions forever.

 Ulyssia awoke from the vision and was astonished to learn that the Magi Queen refused to see them. He was still pondering the vision when there was a knock on the door and the Magi Queen was there. She asked if she could come in. He invited her to come inside. Ulyssia asked her how she got through the Fire Swamps perils. She said “I am the queen of the magi. I am the all-knowing and all-seeing of this world. I control all the perils in the Fire Swamp”.

 Ulyssia was stunned and wanted to know why she refused to see him at her castle. She told him there is a great evil power that is taking over the enchanted forest along with my castle. I barely escaped before it took over. I am here because you told me it was of great importance I see you.  Ulyssia said, “Yes I wanted to tell you of my vision about Kodacolot and it ending”. She said,” I know about your vision because I have had the same vision as you.” He again was taken aback and asked “What do we do?” She said, “Nothing for now. It will not happen for another five years. Ulyssia told the queen he had another vision of his children and the planet Earth. The queen said,” I know of this planet Earth it is far away from here and it is a lot like Kodacolot without its enchantments or creatures ”. “Queen, I saw my children there.  How is that possible?” asked Ulyssia.

 The queen said,” All in good time Ulyssia, but know they and I are the only ones that will survive from Kodacolot. I will take the children and raise them. I will teach them the ways of the magi and help them in their quests. You Ulyssia are to go on like everything is normal and fine.”  “But my queen I am unsure I can do that. I have a duty to tell the others of this horror”, Ulyssia said. “Ulyssia you have fulfilled that when you went to council and were met with nothing but ridicule. Anyone you tell from this point will not believe you. I have put a spell on this world that enables the others to be blind to the truth”, the queen said. “My queen why would you do that? Why hurt all these innocent people?  Why am I not blinded as well?” Ulyssia said.  “I was unable to blind you because you are my son, these people you speak of are not so innocent they use their powers to gain absolute control over the werewolves, vampires, gnomes, golem, and giants. They make them slaves for their own selfish ends. Locking up the magi, elves, and witches because they foresee their treachery. This world is not for saving. We, my son must start a new life on Earth.” The queen said

“What do you mean? We have a wonderful world which is protected by the werewolves, giants, golem, gnomes, and vampires. They are not slaves to the fairies my queen”. “Oh Ulyssia you must see for yourself to understand. I will show you!! The truth and what is to become of this world at the rate it is going”. The magi queen opens a portal into the future about five years later. She shows Ulyssia the horrors he foresaw. She also showed him the high council and the fairies casting spells on the werewolves and locking them in the dungeon  chaining them to  the walls whipping them and starving them. Making the werewolves go mad. He was also shown the vampires and how they had changed. Instead of feeding on the magi, they were feeding on small animals and people.  How they were unable to walk in the sun as before and how they were unable to be seen in the mirrors.The horrors of what they become had sickened Ulyssia.

 He thought of Althea and was surprised when he saw her in the portal. She was the same and, she was killing her own kind because of the monsters they had become. He went further in time and saw the world he knew drifting further and further away. The golem he knew had also changed.  They were now trolls and  were horrible. They were ugly and mean to everyone. They were enemies of each other and, everyone else they ate. The witches  also turned into horrible creatures as well. They were disfigured with warts all over their bodies. Their hair was made of worms and snakes. They had all become evil used black magic. Many of the witches tried to band together to fight the fairies and  to take over their land. The battles raged for several years with no winners. In the end all that Ulyssia knew of the world of Kodacolot was gone and what was left was this horrible mess.

 He begged the queen to stop. He did not want to see anymore. The queen closed the portal, and she tried to console him She told him that it was okay it has not happened yet. The queen said, “Ulysses it is important that you continue to feed your wife with your blood only and no one else’s. Althea will remain strong throughout the ordeal because of the magi blood and will retain her beauty and abilities. If at any time she is given any other blood she will lose all her powers and her ability to control her hunger. Althea will lose all her senses and will be overcome by blood lust killing.”

 Ulyssia replied,” I will my queen”. The queen said,” Please Ulyssia you may call me mother” Ulyssia said. “I will mother, but why did you wait so long to tell me I was your son?” “ I had to wait until the time was right and to be sure you were my son. Ulysses for years I have searched for you and then the vision that you wrote me, was the key to knowing you were my son. Ulyssia you were stolen from me by the fairies when you were a baby. They felt I was too powerful. The fairies thought that I would try to take over this world. They stole you in the night and held you for ransom so that I would never use my powers to take over the world.” Ulyssia asked his mother “who is my father”? “Your father is mighty dragon Norick. He is the king of the dragons.  Norick is able to take our form, I had fallen in love with him. He is the reason you can control fire, Ulyssia.” “I see mother” Ulyssia replied. “I must go now son and tell Norick of the news that I have finally found you and we can be together again” said the magi queen.

“Please remember all I have told you and know that I love you son”. With that the magi queen disappeared into the mist. Ulyssia called for his wife Althea. She came in and, he told her of the news. Althea was like the others, she did not believe him.  Ulyssia made her drink his blood and with that she got the realization that he spoke the truth. She asked him why he had her drink his blood. He told her what the magi queen had told him. “Althea was so overcome she began to cry and, she told him that she will never drink another’s blood.” Althea there is more. I am not the son of Greedy.  I am the son of Norick, he is the king of dragons. My mother is the magi queen. I am a half magi and half dragon and that is why I have foresight and powers over water and fire and not because I am a warlock. Althea looked at Ulyssia and said, “I know but I was sworn not to tell you.” Ulyssia looked astonished and said, “What”?

Althea said, “Yes Ulyssia in my test to find the man I was to marry I was shown the future and the past. I was taken to magi queen castle and in her castle was a baby with your eyes. I saw who took you. It was King Lasso of the fairies. I saw the ransom he had placed on you. I saw the future where you were reunited with your mother and father.”Ulyssia asked,” Then who did  swear you to secrecy “.  Althea replied, “It was the magi queen’s guard they told me that the man I was to marry was a powerful magus. He would provide me with two children at the same time. The children would be called Merlin and Mab.  One of the children would have a great magical skill and the strength of a vampire.The other would be dedicated to black magic and evil.”

Althea looked to her husband and began to apologize to him for keeping the secret. Ulyssia forgave her, they began to make passionate love there on the floor. There was a knock at the door. Ulysses got up and used his foresight to see who it was, but he could not see who was there. So he got up and went to the window. Ulyssia looked out the window and it was no one that he knew. Again there was another knock on the door, and this time Ulyssia answered the door. Outside there was a man with sandy blond hair and blue grey eyes. He was a tall man bout 6’ 7” tall with a strong build on him. There was something mysterious about him. The fact that Ulyssia’s foresight did not work to see him at the door. Ulyssia then remembered what his mother  had said to him and took caution as the door open. Ulyssia said, “Yes can I help you”? The man looked back at Ulyssia and, it was like looking in a mirror.

The man at the door said,” It is I Ulyssia your father Norick”.  Ulyssia asked,” but how can this be for it was only a few moments ago that the queen of magi left”? Norick replied, “son, I am a dragon and I can fly remember?” and with that Norick asked,”  Could I get more comfortable?” Ulyssia said,” of course I have much to ask you.” Norick  was then transformed into his dragon self. It was a sight to behold. His skin shimmered with red and gold dust. His blue grey eyes were enlarged and sparkled.  Norick was massive in size .His giant wings were covered in blue-green scales. He moved gracefully though the house to the window and sat in the winged back chair. Ulyssia was astonished because it was the first time he had ever seen a dragon.  He did not know what to say. Norick started with how surprised he was at how Ulyssia was the spitting image of himself. How he was so intrigue that Ulyssia was unable to change into a dragon. Norick thought for sure Ulyssia would have that ability along with others he possessed. He also stated he was very pleased in the bride he was chosen to have. Norick was looking forward to seeing his grandchildren.

 Ulyssia looked upon his father and began to ask questions:  How did he meet his mother? How old was he? What kind of powers did he possessed? Is there any transference because of their relationship and family bloodline? Ulyssia was also interested if he had any brothers and sisters ? Norick was overwhelmed by all the questions. He was hesitant in answering because he wanted to wait for the magi queen. He told Ulyssia, all will be answered in good time my son.

 Ulyssia called for Althea to come down because there is someone she needs to meet. Althea came down and saw that there was a dragon in her the living room. She went into attack mode before she realized who it was. Althea transformed into a flying unicorn and began to attack Norick  and said The words hati ale traysa.” After that  Althea changed back into a women.  Althea looked on in amazement and said to Ulyssia, “Who is this dragon in the house”? He told her it was his father Norick the king of the dragons. Althea bowed down and begged for mercy. To this gesture Norick laughed and was overcome with happiness. He told her there was no need to bow down to him. Norick said, “I knew your thoughts and she was only trying to protect her loved ones”. Ulyssia was beyond comprehension at this news, that his father was a mind reader as well as shape shifter.

Before Ulyssia had time to ponder this news, out of the mirror appeared the magi queen. “At last dear you have arrived I was getting worried about you” Norick said.  The magi queen replied,” Norick you are so protective of me I can take care of myself but I love you just the same”. The magi queen then approached her son and daughter in law and greeted them both sitting down next to Norick.“Now let us continue with the family reunion and, we can begin to plan the future of the family”. Althea then caught up and asked if anyone would like a beverage or food to eat before they began the family history. Although no one wanted anything they all were very pleased to be offered something.

The magi queen said,” Ulyssia I am sure that you have a lot of questions and we will be glad to answer them for you as best as we can”. Norick said, “Yes dear heart he does he wants to know so much and I have given one of the secrets away that we are able to read minds, so he already knows that now”. The magi queen replied “Oh, I wished you had waited for me to go over that with him”. “Well he also wanted to know about our meeting, our bloodline, our age, and the powers we posses sweetheart” Norick replied. The magi queen said, “Well let me start by saying that Norick and I are both immortals.  As far as age is concerned I am over 800 years old and Norick is 1200 years old. “Mother what is your given name? Because I have yet to be told what it is” Ulyssia asked. The magi queen replied,” Ursula is my name I have not given it to anyone since your disappearance because when a magi reveals their real name to others it gives them power over you. So please do not tell anyone my given name”. Ulyssia replied,” Oh not to worry I will never do that mother”.  The magi queen continued, “Now let me see you wanted to know about our bloodline. Well that is interesting indeed, like I said I go back about 8 centuries and your father 12. Our blood lines are crossed many times over. I came from royalty and so did your father. We are a very powerful family. We are the oldest in this world.”

“My family was the first to start the high council. Back then the council consisted of all creatures not just fairies, witches, and elves. It was equal in every way and no one creature had more power than the other. Your father’s family was the first to create the seasons of the year. They were also the first to have foresight and the ability to mind read. The magi and the dragons were united for centuries.The first war began between good and evil, and all things changed. The magi were all but wiped out and, the dragons went into hiding. There are only about one hundred of the magi left now.”

 “Your father has only a court of twelve dragons, all of which decided to remain in mortal form rather than dragon.  They have lost the ability to transform and mind read. Your father is the only master dragon now. Once the dragon’s made the decision to stay in mortal form, they lose the ability to live forever as well. They only live for 200 years now. You my son also wanted to know of magi and dragon powers. Well that is harder to explain because; unlike the creatures of this world your powers as magi continue to grow throughout eternity. You will wield many powers, such as the power to control the elements, the power to become invisible, now this is just from the magi side. From the dragon side you will be able to change shape, read minds, and cast spells to make opponents defenseless. Now that your questions are answered. What I would like to know about you is where were you taught? About your powers and who taught you? The reason I want to know is if there is a threat to you or not. Also Ulyssia I want you to know your real name it is Grandissimo”.

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