Vampires of Camelot Merlin’s Revenge Part Two

Vampires of Camelot Merlin's Revenge Part Two

Vampires of Camelot Merlin’s Revenge Part Two

All of Merlin’s attempts have failed him.  He is faced with a dire future ahead. Merlin tries to regain his hope when he sees that Solana did not perish in the battle. Merlin is renewed with vigor and strength when he sees Tarnish on Avalon’s horizon, and is puzzled when Tarnish arrives with Uther Pen Dragon at his side. Merlin is perplexed by this new knight and wonders what his true nature is.

Norick grows tried and Ursula health is still failing. They have both began to age quite rapidly
for reasons that are unknown to them.  Mab has ventured to the castle and has begun to build her elite army of vampires
to take over the lands and rule. She has evoked the spirit of Gallian into the body of Invictus and spread her evil through the

Mab and Gallian race to the forest once there they meet up with Helena and tree creatures. Gallian and Mab wreak havoc on the tree creatures for their disloyalty to them. Gallian begins with talks of peace and harmony waiting for all the tree creatures to assemble. Gallian begins the slaughter with Mab at his side. Mab cuts down the tree creatures to their core. Agony and mayhem ensue as swords of fire are summoned. The swords start flying in a circular motion and set the tree creatures ablaze leaving only ash and smoke in their wake. Gallian is pleased with himself. He takes leave with Mab back to the castle.